Food as the real green deal

If you were ever interested in ecology, you know the terms like carbon footprint, global warming and so on. You also know that 70% of those problems are created by the factories and big companies, whose work ethic leaves a lot to be desired. You’ve probably heard about recycling, eco driving and so on, but, did you know that you can help the climate also by eating?

Choosing what and how we eat can have enormous consequences on our environment and state of the world as a whole.

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Truth and myths about vege eating

When you hear that somebody is on a vege diet of any kind, you will probably instantly wonder ‘but, doesn’t that mean you have to supplement yourself?’

In today’s blog we tackle few myths and truths about eating without meat.

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Balance of your diet

Balance of your diet

Among dietary discourse you can hear about all types of miracle diets, surefire weight-loss techniques, magical drinks that return people to full health in moments, but…

Have any of those miracle promoters ever uttered the word „balance”? Whether you exercise or not, work stationary job or not, live in a city like Southampton or in rural region, if your diet is unbalanced, no amount of magical treatments will help you keep your weight stable, and health in a good condition.

What is balance in a diet?

It’s a harmony of intake amounts of certain group of foods a human eats daily. Those groups are generally separated into fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Their role is to provide you energy, help build your muscle and transport and store water, as well as vitamins and other microelements your body needs to function properly.

Each of the groups have their assigned jobs.

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